„Past Days of the Castle”. Exhibition of Historical Interiors

1309421705IMG_1621The exhibition installed at the first floor of the Károlyi castle is an attempt to reproduce the historical atmosphere of a Modern Age castle, through its restorations of interiors in ten different rooms. The concept of the exhibition focuses on the restoration of the interiors of a noble residence at the second half of the 19th century as accurate as it is possible. The exhibition displays antique furniture of various styles (especially Baroque, Biedermeier and Neo-Renaissance) specific of the eclectic taste of the late Modern period. The lack of iconographic information regarding the interiors of the castle has been covered by written sources, the inventories of the building, while the theme of the exhibition in each room has been decided taking into consideration the available historical analogies and the architectural structure. Thus, came to life a library, two halls, a man’s entertainment room, ball room (an indispensable space for a castle), the living-room, the ladies’ budoir, the bedroom, the bathroom and the music salon.                                   http://www.e-castellum.eu